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Hexes, Potions, Spells--Learn How to Break Witchcraft!

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

This prayer has proven to be highly effective in reversing evil or witchcraft sent toward you or your loved ones.

The Holy Spirit woke me up one morning around 5a.m. Before I could fully open my eyes, He told me to break witchcraft off of one of my family members (let’s call them, Alex). He told me to break witchcraft off of Alex’s vehicle, too. The situation had to be serious for the Lord to wake me up at 5 a.m. to engage in spiritual warfare. If I were the one in need, I'd want someone to get up, obey the Lord, and help me. So, I did as the Lord instructed me.

Later that morning, I contacted Alex to ask what was going on. Alex was at work but stopped by my home after work to fill me in. Alex looked unusually tired and confirmed the Holy Spirit was correct. Apparently, Alex had rejected the advances of a co-worker who was known to be involved in the occult, and that person had made a vow to “fix” (perform witchcraft against) Alex.

Alex, a Christian, went under attack. Demons were summoned against Alex from the occult co-worker. Alex experienced lack of mental focus, confusion, discouragement, depression, lack of sleep, dreams of being shot at, strange things happening at home, unexplainable illness, and more. Alex was trying to fight back by binding and rebuking demons. Nevertheless, there was no peace at Alex’s home and sleep was, for the most part, denied. Alex became drained and exhausted. Alex needed help and was crying out to God for it. Eventually, something would have happened involving Alex's vehicle. This attack needed to stop!

It was on! The warfare I began at 5 a.m. that morning was continued and within a day or so, things had turned around for the better for Alex. All of the spells, evil altars, incantations, curses, and hexes were broken, and Alex was again flourishing unbothered by demonic forces. The victorious spiritual warfare was launched against the evil forces—not the evil person. It's up to the Lord to deal with the evil person. (Vengeance is mine. I will repay, says the Lord. ~Romans 12:19)

The Holy Spirit taught me that wars aren’t won with a single blow or even in a single battle. You have to launch many blows upon the enemy to subdue and overcome. So, I engaged in battle using spiritual warfare prayers inspired by the Holy Spirit. I prayed the "Protection from Witchcraft" prayer (the link to download it is below) three to four times per week for two weeks straight. After things cooled off, I prayed on occasion just to keep the enemy at a distance. I also printed a copy of the prayer for Alex to pray and learn. We all need to be effective in spiritual warfare if we want to make it.

We have a choice... Go into battle or go into bondage!

Say "NO" to bondage (i.e., fear, misery, depression, etc.) and choose to put on the armor of God and battle in the name and by the power of Jesus Christ! He is almighty! He assures us the win! (Luke 10:19)

This download includes two prayers. You'll receive the "Protection from Witchcraft" prayer for one person and a second prayer to cover a family.

Click here to download the "Protection from Witchcraft" prayer today at a discounted price!

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